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People for People partners with Takecarebnb to provide shelter to refugees at scale

Amsterdam, 16 March - Following its launch just two weeks ago, People for People has received more than 1.300 requests to help a total of over 4.000 people. With requests coming in for a variety of needs, such as supplies, visas, and employment opportunities, one area for help is now becoming more urgent: accommodation. 

By leveraging its extensive network, People for People has welcomed Takecarebnb as a solution to address all accommodation requests for Ukrainian families fleeing to The Netherlands. Since its launch in 2015, Takecarebnb has achieved:

  • 600+ refugee placements with families in The Netherlands.
  • 500+ families hosting refugees from around the world.
  • 60+ Dutch municipalities with registered homes.

The organization now has 25.000 registered homes to match with Ukrainian families: the largest number of registered homes by the foundation to date.

“In these unstable times, it’s important for companies to combine their strengths, networks, and resources. We’re thankful to be partnering up with People for People so we can help even more refugees find safe places to stay,“ says Robert Zaal, founder of Takecarebnb.

“We’re very grateful that Takecarebnb is helping so many refugees. We recognized the entrepreneurial approach in them and therefore a partnership was quickly established,” says Jesse van der Meulen of People for People.

Starting today, both incoming offers and requests for shelter that are received by People for People will be automatically forwarded to Takecarebnb’s refugee matching platform.



Takecarebnb connects refugees with Dutch families that are willing to open up their homes for three months. With facilitation by a team of volunteers, they make it possible for refugees with a residence permit to temporarily stay with Dutch host families while waiting for their own home.

For questions or interview requests, you can contact:

Elise Hofman

About People for People

People for People Foundation is a growing entrepreneurial movement joining forces to get as many people affected by the Ukrainian war to safety as possible. We match people and foundations in need with companies that can fulfill these needs. We enable organizations such as Movement On The Ground, Takecarebnb, OpenEmbassy, FastLaneUkraine, On My Way UA, Netherlands for Ukraine and Lifeline Ukraine to increase their impact.

To maximize the positive impact of our initiative, foundation 'Stichting People for People' was founded by Joris Beckers (Picnic), Robert Vis (Messagebird) and Ali Niknam (bunq). Pieter Jan Krevel and Jesse van der Meulen (Aimforthemoon) have been appointed as co-directors of the foundation. A team of 50+ volunteers have joined the organization so far to support our mission.

After already receiving thousands of requests for help, we continuously identify the most urgent issues to help people and foundations in Ukraine, neighboring countries and those who arrive in the Netherlands.

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