Weekly Recap of April 14 2022

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People for People continues to receive various inbound requests offering and requesting support. Here’s what has happened last week to further help those affected by war in Russia and Ukraine:

Picnic hosts school to provide education for 50 Ukrainian children 

Raising over €424.000 for supplies through customer donations, People for People’s partner Picnic will now also host a school for 50 Ukrainian children aged 11-18 at MK15. Apart from keeping up their education, they hope to provide a sense of structure and create a safe place for the children to meet other kids who have fled the war. The curriculum is provided by online Ukrainian school sources and will be supported by both Ukrainian and Dutch teachers. Alongside classes, psychologists will provide mental support and partners are donating laptops and headphones. 

bunq helps opens 2.550 more bank accounts for refugees 

After collaborating with several Dutch municipalities, partner bunq helped open 2.550 more bank accounts for those in need: quadrupling the number of bank accounts opened for Ukrainians since last week. Now more than 4.700 Ukrainians have been able to get access to free accounts to safely hold and spend euros.

3 new team members added to the team to help even more people

People for People had 3 team members join the foundation: Marine Liesenhoff (Projects & Foundations Coordinator), Martijn Beenen (Corporate Partnership Manager) and Mark Borst (Project Manager). Now they can help even more people in their efforts to support those fleeing the war. 

Multiple volunteer roles are still available to further grow the team and expand their work for those most in need. You can see an overview of current positions still open and apply here.

New accommodation partnerships with Booking.com and Belvilla to provide more homes

To house even more Ukrainians fleeing the war, People for People will now add Booking.com and Belvilla as its latest accommodation partners. In partnership with the foundation, Booking.com will offer free and discounted accommodation options at 600 hotels across Europe, while Belvila will work to offer private homes to families seeking accommodation.

Are you interested in further helping People For People in their mission to provide necessities to those affected by the Russia-Ukraine war? Based on demand of partner organizations, they are looking for more companies to receive high-priority donations from: such as for food, medical supplies, and baby food. If you or someone you know is willing to help donate to the foundation, please contact them directly at https://peopleforpeople.info

Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest news.

About People for People

People for People Foundation is a growing entrepreneurial movement joining forces to get as many people affected by the Ukrainian war to safety as possible. We match people and foundations in need with companies that can fulfill these needs. We enable organizations such as Movement On The Ground, Takecarebnb, OpenEmbassy, FastLaneUkraine, On My Way UA, Netherlands for Ukraine and Lifeline Ukraine to increase their impact.

To maximize the positive impact of our initiative, foundation 'Stichting People for People' was founded by Joris Beckers (Picnic), Robert Vis (Messagebird) and Ali Niknam (bunq). Pieter Jan Krevel and Jesse van der Meulen (Aimforthemoon) have been appointed as co-directors of the foundation. A team of 50+ volunteers have joined the organization so far to support our mission.

After already receiving thousands of requests for help, we continuously identify the most urgent issues to help people and foundations in Ukraine, neighboring countries and those who arrive in the Netherlands.

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